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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

Prime Minister Minnis continues to canvas the country in desperation to stay in power, but the Bahamian people are not buying his political lies and promises this time around.

The longer Dr. Minnis takes to call the general elections, the worse his party’s chances are of winning.

Dr. Minnis is torn.

He has squandered the people’s trust with empty promises and bad decision making. His mismanagement of Dorian has angered and frustrated many Bahamians. His mismanagement of the COVID-19 crises has caused multiple waves of infections and has all but destroyed the domestic economy. Bahamians believe the pandemic was used to enrich FNM friends and political insiders which is placing undue burdens on the general population.

It’s really too late for this uncaring and inept Prime Minister to say he’s sorry. The general elections are due in May, 2022, but the Bahamian people have been fed up with this lousy FNM bunch for a long time.

With no real success record over these past four years to stand on, Dr. Minnis is stuck with using Hurricane Dorian and the present COVID-19 pandemic as excuses for his failed leadership. Bahamians accept the magnitude of the twin crises, but openly reject Dr. Minnis and the FNM’s mismanagement of both crises.

Dr. Minnis rose to power with the promise that under his rule it will be the people’s time. More than four years later, thousands of Bahamians are worse off than they were in 2017 and the nation is now coming to know day after day of the few FNM families, friends, and lovers who are enjoying and benefiting disproportionately from the wealth and resources of this country under this government. Truth be told –
It’s a few people’s time.

So, placed between a political rock and a hard place, Dr. Minnis is now tempted to call an early general election with one main strategy in mind: convincing the country about how great things are going while focusing on creating lies, misleading and nasty ads about the PLP.

The PLP remains focused on real change for our Bahamas and a new day for all Bahamians.

The future of our Bahamas calls for a capable and caring leader. We cannot use Dr. Minnis’ performance in office as the capability standard and we need look no further than the 700 terminated employees at Atlantis without full separation packages and the thousands of homeless, jobless, and hopeless residents of Abaco and Grand Bahama to measure how much Dr. Minnis cares.

Call it now or later Dr. Minnis. The Bahamian people are set to vote the FNM out. Dr. Minnis has failed miserably as Prime Minister. And a vote for any FNM candidate is a vote for Dr. Minnis.

Dr. Minnis and the FNM must go.