Precautions in the face of category one Hurricane Elsa

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Hon. Philip Davis, Q.C., M.P.
Prime Minister
Commonwealth of The Bahamas

As many Bahamians are well aware of category one Hurricane Elsa currently near the Leeward Islands in the southern Caribbean, I join my colleagues in reiterating the necessity of all Bahamians taking the requisite precautions to protect personal properties and the lives of loved ones during the passage of this dangerous and powerful storm.

While the current projected path of Elsa takes this storm west of the Bahama Island chain, a gulf stream or pressure system can easily and quickly shift the path of Elsa to the east, placing The Bahamas directly in the storm’s path. We therefore must not let our collective guards down and remain prepared for any unexpected eventuality.

I urge our citizens to pay close attention to and follow all official weather warnings and advisories. As flooding, downed energized power lines and fallen trees are major public safety and health hazards, motorists and pedestrians are advised to traverse the streets only when it is absolutely necessary. Please stay indoors as much as practically possible.

Given these extraordinary circumstances, I also urge the government through it’s relevant agency to exercise vigilance as a preemptive strike against the potential for predatory business practices by opportunistic and unscrupulous merchants who would seek to use the unfortunate circumstance of a Hurricane to gouge and fleece the Bahamian public.

Bahamians have complained about this unethical business practice time and time again.