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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

It is disappointing, but not surprising, that the comments attributed to FNM Labour Director, John Pinder, in today’s national papers, 5 July, essentially down play the dedication and important work of union leaders in this country while dismissing the challenges being faced by a significant number of union members.

It is regrettable that John Pinder has allowed his political ambitions to overshadow his once stated commitment to the labour movement.

He is now divorced from the passionate fight of union executives and the everyday struggles of so many Bahamian workers that are being compounded by the poor and harsh decision making of this uncaring and inept FNM government.

John Pinder is discounting the pressing union executives’ complaints as being politically motivated during an election season. Further, he downplays the seriousness of unrest in the work place, and is dismissive of the unions’ assessments and concerns that industrial relations are at an all time low in the Bahamas under this FNM government.

John Pinder has not only betrayed Bahamian workers, but he is out to lunch and out of touch with reality.

While union executives and members seek better working conditions and present seemingly well thought out recommendations, the FNM Labour Director flaunts his big time government appointment and accuses the unions of using members’ votes for leverage. This coming from a Director who seems more in tune with employers over the Bahamian workers throughout the Bahamas whose rights he swore to fight for and protect.

John Pinder’s comments serve as an insult to the very people and organizations that afforded him a good life for many years through the protection of his labour rights and employment benefits.

All things considered, it was Prime Minister Minnis, Labour Minister Dion Foulkes, and John Pinder who recently gave Atlantis Resort the ok to let go 700 Bahamian workers without their full separation packages. So, Mr. Pinder’s comments should come as no surprise.

This FNM administration has failed union executives and members miserably over the past four years.

It will be an outright nightmare for the fine people of Fox Hill to give John Pinder the opportunity to serve as a member of parliament and to return Dr. Minnis and the FNM to terrorize our Bahamas for another five years.

The likes of John Pinder and Dr. Minnis must go.

Our union executives and members deserve better.