On political gatherings and campaign practices

The Progressive Liberal Party takes note of the public comments attributed to the country’s Chief Medical Officer regarding political gatherings in the current COVID environment and attendant health and safety regulations. In light of these comments, the leader of the Progressive Liberal Party has ordered a review of all the campaign practices. In all campaign […]

PLP launches “Economic Plan Road Trip“

Candidates visit Switcha Bahamas, discuss the Party’s comprehensive plan to expand manufacturing and create new jobs. The Progressive Liberal Party launched its road trip on Tuesday to promote its comprehensive Economic Plan to kickstart an economic recovery with immediate relief now and a plan to create jobs and build a stronger and more inclusive economy.  Party […]

On the Arrests of DNA Activists

The arrest of DNA Leader Arinithia Komolafe yesterday was shocking but not surprising. Shocking because the criminal justice system should never be used by a Prime Minister against his political opponents – but unsurprising because Hubert Minnis has repeatedly shown himself willing to cross lines that should never be crossed in a democracy. He spent […]

The unveiling of the PLP’s economic recovery and development plan

The Progressive Liberal Party thanks and congratulates the Leader, Hon. Philip Brave Davis and Deputy Leader, I. Chester Cooper for their proposal to reduce Value Added Tax from the current 12% to 10% in the next PLP Government. This tax reduction should be a good way of easing some of the financial burden on taxpayers […]

In response to Rights Bahamas statement

Just over a week ago, the Leader of the PLP highlighted the desperate attempts by the FNM and their proxy organisations to spread lies, smears and false rumours about the PLP. As he said then, we say again today: it’s all ‘Garbage Juice’. The latest stunt comes from a phony Human Rights Group based in Grand […]