On Suspension of First Anniversary Observances

During the Period of Official Mourning for Queen Elizabeth II, the First Anniversary Observances of our reflection to office, which falls this week on 16 September, are suspended until after the official Period of Mourning. The period of mourning ends at sunset on the day after the funeral, which takes place on the 19 September […]

Exiting the COVID Crisis: The Way Forward

My fellow Bahamians, This August has been the worst month for our country since the start of the pandemic. We have seen more than three thousand new confirmed cases this month alone, with many more uncounted or undiagnosed. We have had more than 18,000 confirmed cases in our country. Every day brings new tragedies.  We […]

The Only Responsible Next Step Is To Put Drive-In Rallies On Hold

The Only Responsible Next Step Is To Put Drive-In Rallies On Hold All Bahamians have been watching with tremendous concern as COVID-19 case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths climb to new heights. Because we have so many COVID-19 patients, there is no room at our hospitals and clinics to treat other serious medical conditions and emergencies, […]


My Friends, this coming election will be an historic one, likely the most consequential election since Independence. This election is about so much more than a choice between the PLP and the FNM: this election is about our country’s survival.  Everywhere we look, we see chaos and collapse and crisis. As one brave doctor said […]


Good evening to the wonderful People of The Bahamas. The campaign to choose the next government has begun. And we in the Progressive Liberal Party know we are best-suited to rescue this country from the failed stewardship of Hubert Minnis and the Free National Movement. For almost five years now we have wondered when it […]

The Bahamas Does Not Have Enough Vaccines to Protect Bahamians

“We need each unvaccinated individual to come forward quickly to take the shot.”  – Hubert Minnis, 9 August 2021. “The Church of God of Prophecy vaccination site began allowing walk-ins this morning. By 11am, around 200 people (without appointments) were already lined up. Unfortunately, the site could not accommodate more than 200 without appointments.” — […]


The lion of the Progressive Liberal Party has left us. I am deeply moved on this occasion, saddened yet empowered because I know of the legacy which he left us. He dedicated his life to The Bahamas. The political instrument was the Progressive Liberal Party. We will miss you Arthur D. Hanna. Mr. Hanna grew up in […]

Minnis Reverses Course on Travel Visas, Flip-Flops on Testing for Travelers,Is Still Hundreds of Thousands of Vaccine Doses Short, Has No Plan to Contain COVID

Facing intense anger from Bahamians over his travel visa scheme, which transferred money from the pockets of the people to a company in which his National Campaign Coordinator is a director, Hubert Minnis has finally reversed course on the much-hated travel visa fees. Minnis changed his travel visa policy not because he suddenly cares about […]