Precautions in the face of category one Hurricane Elsa

While the current projected path of Elsa takes this storm west of the Bahama Island chain, a gulf stream or pressure system can easily and quickly shift the path of Elsa to the east, placing The Bahamas directly in the storm’s path. We therefore must not let our collective guards down and remain prepared for any unexpected eventuality.

On Development Plans For North Andros And Beach Access

The Progressive Liberal Party reiterates these positions: No mining operations will be allowed in North Andros with a foreign equity participation or ownership and which will damage the environment. Morgan’s Bluff Port will not be privatized. We are committed to public access to all the beaches of The Bahamas including those at Paradise Island and will use the […]

On Hurricane Elsa

Elsa, the first Hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic season, has the state of Florida in its path under the current trajectory model. Given our proximity, Bahamians are strongly advised to regard Elsa as a dangerous storm and to take the threat of Elsa very seriously. As this storm’s trajectory can change without notice, Bahamians are […]