Jamahl Strachan’s Good Character

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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

The FNM trolls are so predictable, so increasingly despicable, and oh so desperate.
They could not wait to attack the new PLP candidates, trying to cover them with the same dirt which has come to characterise their failed, incompetent, corrupt FNM administration.
The FNM trolls should clean up their own dirt and care more for the crisis facing the Bahamian people, than attacking young people who only want to help lift his country into a better future.
Jamahl Strachan is a young man of exceptionally good character, who will become the next Member of Parliament for the Nassau Village Constituency.
Back in 2010, when he was a student in the United States, he was in a car with three other friends driving from one state to another. They were pulled over by the police. The driver had a licenced gun in the car. Because they had crossed state lines, and the driver had not completed the right paperwork for that state, everyone in the car was held for a few hours, then released. No charges were brought, no consequences flowed, end of story.
Prior to this incident, Jamahl Strachan was selected as the first Bahamian ever to intern for then Senator Barack Obama.
Since that incident, he has gone on to gain post-graduate degrees in the US and China. He has served The Bahamas well for the past seven years as a diplomat, working at the United Nations, helped to establish consular offices in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and the Republic of India. His work on climate change will be instrumental in helping move our country forward.
This minor, late-night incident in 2010 has in no way affected him or his career. Jamahl Strachan travels freely to and from the US, with no visa restrictions. He has travelled worldwide on a diplomatic passport, representing The Bahamas at the highest levels.
Contrast this with the criminal and corrupt members of this desperate FNM Administration who think they can once again fool the Bahamian people with their campaign of lies and smears.
Their Leader Hubert Minnis participated in a blatant fraudulent conspiracy, signing the fake Oban deal and not admitting his family interest in that deal.
Their Deputy Leader, Peter Turnquest, has had to resign as Minister of Finance and now end his political career to face charges of engaging in a $28 million fraud.
The rest of the FNM government is filled with a customs cheat (Dionisio D’Aguilar), a corrupt self-dealer (Brent Symonette), a lawyer disbarred from ever practicing again in the United States (Michael Foulkes), a minister condemned by the court for his egregious behaviour (Marvin Dames), another condemned by the court for giving money to a witness (Duane Sands)….and on and on and on. And we haven’t even mentioned their MP facing accusations of spousal abuse.
Character matters, and we will defend to the utmost the good character of the members of the PLP.
Never again will we sit back and let the FNM lies fester and grow and darken the hearts of the country.
People are hurting. We need our brightest and best to step forward.
If Jamahl Strachan was good enough to serve former President Barack Obama, he’s certainly good enough to serve the Bahamian people.