On the Prime Minister’s Grand Bahama Tour

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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

The Prime Minister’s tour on Grand Bahama on Thursday, 11 February, was yet another desperate but expensive election campaign ploy on the public dole. His stops, among the many, at the school being constructed in Holmes Rock and the Government Complex in Eight Mile Rock are all Progressive Liberal Party projects.

The tour is a sad reminder that the Free National Movement did absolutely nothing during this term to advance the quality of life for Grand Bahama residents. Grand Bahama has no hospital, no airport, and just ongoing promises about the opening of the Grand Lucayan Hotel.

The facts on this hotel, his signature economic stimulus project for that Island, are that there is no plan for a reputable hotel and casino operator, the Lucaya Marketplace is dead and there is no airlift into Grand Bahama to support this promised opening.

There are only empty promises by this Prime Minister. His signature project is an abject failure.

The people of Grand Bahama continue to suffer under this Minnis led government. His frequent trips there in recent times leading up to a general election will not sway voters this time.

The Grand Bahama tour staged by Prime Minister Minnis to purport that he now somehow cares is too little, too late.