Minnis’ FNM Campaign Ads Offend Covid Victims

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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

In a vain attempt to mislead the Bahamian people to win the next General Elections, Prime Minister Minnis is featured in some Free National Movement sponsored ads purporting to have properly managed the present coronavirus pandemic we face.

PM Minnis is portrayed in the ads as a caring leader, but by the admission of none other than his Attorney General in the Senate recently, it is the FNM’s bad decision making that is responsible for the many COVID-19 cases and related deaths. The ads are therefore not only misleading, but offensive to covid victims and their family members.

The staged productions also suggest that the Prime Minister has ensured sufficient supplies to tackle this deadly crisis. Nothing could be further from the truth so this assertion is an insult to our dedicated health care professionals who have been forced to fight for their well deserved pay checks and a number of their colleagues have needlessly died because of exposure to the virus due to the government’s inability to fully protect them.

No big money and slick television ads will convince the Bahamian people this time that Minnis is capable of leading our nation’s future.

Sadly, coronavirus is dubbed a lonely disease. Loved ones are not permitted to visit health care facilities as victims suffer. Yet, in desperation to hang onto power, Prime Minister Minnis shamelessly bullied access into a hospital to shoot political campaign ads.

How selfish, how insensitive.

Minnis must go.