Disgraced FNM calls the kettle black

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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

Carl Culmer uses the word ‘disgrace’ in his press release of 22 February 2021. We will tell Bahamians what is a disgrace:

Two FNM Ministers were judicially condenmed for fixing evidence in a bogus case.

FNM Minister was fired for letting in foreigners in violation of the covid rules in exchange for a favour.

FNM Minister retires after a sweetheart deal over a post office lease agreement.

Another FNM Minister was fired for allegedly bilking 28 million dollars of his partner’s money.

And that’s just for starters…

Further, the FNM has mismanaged Dorian and lied about the death toll; their mismanagement of COVID-19 has led to a surge in July and another current surge on Cat Cay. In the process, they managed to wreck the domestic economy because they did not have a plan.

Unemployment continues to hover around forty percent with thousands of Bahamians going to bed hungry each night.

In the midst of this, the Prime Minister continues to brag about all the people’s monies he has spent even as he refuses to obey the law and account to Parliament and the nation for the tens of millions of dollars he spent during the pandemic.

Corruption and incompetence are the hallmarks of this Minnis led FNM government.

Carl Culmer is clearly on a fool’s errand to try to make his corrupt party look clean. This version of the FNM is more crooked than the racist UBP.

They are a total disgrace.

Shame on you Carl Culmer.

The Prime Minister and the FNM must go.