On the Prime Minister’s national address

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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

Once again the Prime Minister’s national address was a total waste of public resources and a wasted wait for an exercise of nothingness.

As Prime Minister, there is no demonstration of leadership, competent management or a clear strategic plan going forward to inspire hope among our people. As Finance Minister, Dr. Minnis has demonstrated more of the same – providing no details, no new ideas and nothing visionary or creative that speaks to the challenges of our nation’s present state, dire circumstances or its future. Instead, the country is repeatedly subjected to his craven self indulgent episodes of the usual self praise for spending millions of dollars on relief that he flatly refuses to account for while Bahamians lose their homes, are being evicted, and are going to bed hungry.

This most recent national address further makes the case that this failed FNM government does not intend to account for the millions of taxpayers’ dollars being blown. Dr. Minnis is not fit to lead our nation’s future and the FNM must go.

It is widely suspected that Prime Minister Minnis abandoned his original address to avoid taking sound PLP advice and in so doing the FNM yet again confirms they are a lousy bunch in a bubble far removed from the suffering and cries of the Bahamian people.

Dr. Minnis and the FNM must go.