The Only Responsible Next Step Is To Put Drive-In Rallies On Hold

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Hon. Philip Davis, Q.C., M.P.
Prime Minister
Commonwealth of The Bahamas

The Only Responsible Next Step Is To Put Drive-In Rallies On Hold

All Bahamians have been watching with tremendous concern as COVID-19 case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths climb to new heights.

Because we have so many COVID-19 patients, there is no room at our hospitals and clinics to treat other serious medical conditions and emergencies, leading to additional unnecessary deaths. Tragedy upon tragedy; we pray for all the families affected.

Our doctors and nurses have been ringing every alarm bell, warning that the situation is beyond breaking point.

We take their warnings and distress very seriously.

We are extremely frustrated that the government did not do more to prepare for a Delta surge in our country. The decision to ignore the advice of Bahamian doctors and nurses and let some visitors enter without a negative COVID-19 test was wrong. The decision not to increase resources to our hospitals and clinics in advance was wrong. The decision to wait until the crisis had escalated before acting was wrong.

A series of bad decisions has left us among the worst-off countries in our region. Continuing down this current path will lead to more failure, chaos and collapse.

The coming election is one of the most consequential in our lifetimes. Our campaign to share our own plans to fight COVID-19 and rescue the economy must be conducted in a safe way.

We have committed to running a COVID-19 safe campaign and we are now taking the additional step of putting all drive-in rallies on hold. The most important thing to do is to protect people.

Our COVID-19 Action Plan can be found at https://plpbahamas.org/covidactionplan/ — the 10-point plan is a path forward out of the crisis.