Brave’s New PLP Team Ready to Usher in a New Day in The Bahamas

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Hon. Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, Q.C.
Prime Minister
M.P., Cat Island, Rum Cay & San Salvador

Join us at 8pm this Friday, the 27th of August 2021, as I introduce our dynamic candidates, a team of community leaders and change-makers who are ready to make a difference from day one. And we’ll also release our Blueprint for Change, a vision for ending the crisis and building a better tomorrow. 

The country faces very significant challenges, but the current government has never presented the nation with a comprehensive plan to address the health or economic crisis. Instead, we see the same pattern again and again – a failure to plan, then chaos and crisis, and then last-minute, insufficient attempts to cope. 

There is a better way forward. In fighting COVID-19, in rebuilding our economy, in offering relief to the suffering, in creating opportunities for Bahamians – it’s time for a new approach.

The Deputy Leader, the Hon. I. Chester Cooper, and I have worked hard to build an extraordinary team of candidates who are ready to partner with the people of The Bahamas to take the country in a new direction. Our Blueprint for Change, which includes our Economic Plan, is a vision for a more dynamic, more resilient, more inclusive nation – it’s a vision for change. A New Day is coming!