On The Prime Minister’s Most Recent National Address on COVID-19

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Hon. Philip Davis, Q.C., M.P.
Prime Minister
Commonwealth of The Bahamas

For Immediate Release
I am deeply concerned after the Prime Minister’s address this afternoon because it shows how badly out of touch he is with the reality of life in The Bahamas under these restrictions that have been imposed upon us by the Covid 19 pandemic. The quality of life continues to deteriorate and our national leader is insensitive to the true facts on the ground. This is quite sad.

The Prime Minister seems determined to break what little trust the Bahamian people had that this government could protect our health and welfare.
Each week the Prime Minister proclaims one standard for his political friends and wealthy supporters, while ordinary Bahamians are left to suffer. This is unacceptable.

In his address this week, the Prime Minister chose to attack a small group of young people in South Eleuthera who drove in a motorcade in memory of their fallen friend. At the same time, however, he had no comment on what took place in a church at the funeral of an FNM general also in Eleuthera, that was attended by the FNM’s Member of Parliament and dozens of mourners reportedly without the necessary social distancing.

This week the data is clear: there are no Covid-19 cases on Eleuthera, and none on Exuma or San Salvador with none suspected, and yet normal business cannot return.
In contrast, close contact industries like construction are allowed to reopen. What is the scientific evidence that has driven him to that conclusion?

Again this week, the owners of the industries and businesses that are allowed to open, reads like a straight ‘Who’s Who’ of FNM supporters. If curbside and other delivery services are okay for one set of people, why not for all?

What is the difference between a takeaway from Arawak Cay, Potter’s Cay and Montagu Ramp, and a takeaway from the pizza and burger restaurants and the other fancy restaurants out west?

This week, we are told of strict travel procedures for inter-island travel, yet wealthy yachtsmen who claim they have been in The Bahamas for two weeks on their boats can come into our ports. They will be allowed to come ashore but hundreds of Bahamians remain stranded in the United States and Europe, desperate to come home. The restrictions appear to be more onerous on Bahamians than on the wealthy yacht owners.

We again register our concern about Bimini and the two week lockdown. Contrary to the Prime Minister’s rosy picture of preparedness there, our reports  today say that fruits and vegetables in Bimini ran out within an hour of their going on sale. Many stores have run out of meat; social services support is inadequate. Contrary to the Prime Minister’s assertion, the FNM MP is hardly visible. Clearly more attention needs to be paid to Bimini.
In every crisis faced by a PLP Administration, we have put the people first, and worked especially hard to protect the most vulnerable amongst us. That is what we would do now, had we been in office.