In response to the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 National Address – Sen. Clay Sweeting

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Sen. Clay Sweeting

The people of Eleuthera listened attentively to the Prime Minister’s address today with the hope that many of the restrictions on Emergency Orders would be lifted so people in the communities on Eleuthera can get back to work and the local economies can support one another during these tough times.

This did not happen and we were left with more questions than answers.

We wonder if the Prime Minister has lost touch of why these lockdowns were initiated.

He chastised the people of Eleuthera on a few occasions during his national addresses but how long can a society remained locked up?

Where is the scientific data to determine the extent to which these phases are implemented with zero cases and zero suspected cases?

This decision seemed to be emotional more than scientific.

One would expect that a medical doctor be guided by the science, the data.

The people of Eleuthera are hurting and many are started to fear the negative economic effects of the virus more than the virus itself.

I, too, call upon the competent authority to explain to the people of Eleuthera with medical facts or otherwise, why the commercial activity cannot open to start to drive our local economy.
Prime Minister use the science, not your emotions.