The Bahamas Does Not Have Enough Vaccines to Protect Bahamians

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Hon. Philip Davis, Q.C., M.P.
Prime Minister
Commonwealth of The Bahamas

“We need each unvaccinated individual to come forward quickly to take the shot.” 

– Hubert Minnis, 9 August 2021.

“The Church of God of Prophecy vaccination site began allowing walk-ins this morning. By 11am, around 200 people (without appointments) were already lined up. Unfortunately, the site could not accommodate more than 200 without appointments.”

— Kyle Walkine, OurNews Bahamas, 9 August 2021.

Amidst an alarming surge of cases, hospitalizations and deaths, the Prime Minister continued pretending that it was demand for the vaccines that was the real problem, instead of supply.

But interest in the vaccine has been rising, as the virus has caused illness, hospitalization and, tragically, death across our country. 

Many Bahamians have been unable to make appointments for their first shot.

It has been clear for a long time that the more transmissible Delta variant would threaten our country, yet the Prime Minister did not prepare the country or plan ahead.

There has been no public education campaign on the virus or vaccines.

We do not have enough vaccines in the country to meet demand.

The Prime Minister rejected an offer from the private sector to bring in Pfizer in February of this year. 

We are not testing enough or using contact tracing to keep up with the spread of the virus.

Our public health capacity was not expanded to meet the moment.

We have not provided frontline workers with high-quality masks.

The Prime Minister did not require vaccinated visitors to produce a negative COVID test and told vaccinated Bahamians to “party on”; vaccinated individuals who experience breakthrough infection can transmit the virus.

These failures and others have left our country unprepared to meet this public health emergency.

The Prime Minister said “over the next few months”, there will be enough vaccines. 

But the virus is spreading now.