Mr. Speaker: We do not support the government’s resolution to yet again extend the state of emergency. You will recall that we supported the initial state of emergency. The Emergency Measures were intended to be short-term, a means of giving the government the flexibility to manage anew and urgent public health crisis. Mr. Speaker, some […]

On Disconnections of Power and Water Shortages In Eleuthera

The press report that tens of thousands of customers are to have their electricity disconnected by the Bahamas Power And Light Company for non payment is astounding. Not only does this announcement portray this government as blind, deaf and dumb to human suffering, it is clear that this FNM crew live in an alternative universe. […]

Contribution to Extension of State of Emergency – Hon. I Chester Cooper

We are living in trying times, under incredibly stressful circumstances that would test even the most unshakable amongst us. These are desperate times for many who have lost their jobs, their livelihoods and see no light at the end of the tunnel. These are times that will define a generation. And while it is no […]

Mid-Term Debate Contribution | Hon. Chester Cooper

CONTRIBUTION TO DEBATE ON MID-TERM BUDGETCHESTER COOPER, PLP DEPUTY LEADER, SHADOW FOR FINANCEEXUMAS AND RAGGED ISLAND MPFEBRUARY 12, 2020 I rise on behalf of the good people of the Exumas and Ragged Island to contribute to the mid-year supplementary appropriations proposed by the government. Before I begin by formal remarks, may I offer my profound […]