Airport Emergency lighting system not working

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Glenys Hanna-Martin, MP for Englerston Opposition spokesman for transport

Reports are that an elderly patient in Acklins who required emergency medical transport last night could not be airlifted as the emergency lights on the runway at that airport are not working.

I am advised the patient is being transported this morning and we pray for his full recovery.

I am further advised there have been similar incidents in Acklins this year and the emergency lights have not been working for the last 10 months.
It is the duty of the Minister of Aviation to ensure, inter alia, that emergency lights on our national runways are functioning as the failure to do so may have life and death implications.

This is especially important for our southernmost Islands.

On behalf of the people of Acklins, I call on the Minister to cause for the immediate repair of these emergency lights and the repair of all other runway emergency lights nationwide which are currently not functioning.