In response to Rights Bahamas statement

Just over a week ago, the Leader of the PLP highlighted the desperate attempts by the FNM and their proxy organisations to spread lies, smears and false rumours about the PLP. As he said then, we say again today: it’s all ‘Garbage Juice’. The latest stunt comes from a phony Human Rights Group based in Grand […]

On closure of Eleuthera’s international airports

It is reported that all international airports in Eleuthera have been shut down to inbound and outgoing air traffic due to the apparent boycott of Airport Authority staff including security officers: I am advised that the staff boycott is in protest to a number of long outstanding matters affecting the wellbeing of officers in that […]

Prime Minister must come clean on resignation of former Youth Minister Lanisha Rolle

I refer to comments attributed to the Prime Minister in the media of Thursday, 26 February 2021. When the government released its statement on Tuesday, 23 February confirming the resignation of Lanisha Rolle, the government also confirmed an investigation into the operations at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. The Prime Minister is reported […]

On the resignation of Minister Lanisha Rolle

A letter is circulating in the public domain under the signature of Lanisha Rolle MP resigning from the Cabinet and the government. Our sources have confirmed that the letter is genuine. The resignation of four government ministers in a single term having to go under a cloud of suspicion for a prime minister who has […]

Disgraced FNM calls the kettle black

Carl Culmer uses the word ‘disgrace’ in his press release of 22 February 2021. We will tell Bahamians what is a disgrace: Two FNM Ministers were judicially condenmed for fixing evidence in a bogus case. FNM Minister was fired for letting in foreigners in violation of the covid rules in exchange for a favour. FNM […]

On the Prime Minister’s national address

Once again the Prime Minister’s national address was a total waste of public resources and a wasted wait for an exercise of nothingness. As Prime Minister, there is no demonstration of leadership, competent management or a clear strategic plan going forward to inspire hope among our people. As Finance Minister, Dr. Minnis has demonstrated more […]

The FNM’s Campaign Strategy: Bigger and Bigger Lies

Ladies and Gentlemen: Let’s talk about what’s happening in our country. The situation is desperate. This government is out of money, crashing on the rocks. Bahamians are suffering, terribly. The Prime Minister, who is now also the Minister of Finance, has no idea how to manage this economic crisis. He has no answers and no […]

Nasty and libelous attacks by the FNM on the PLP Leader

The nasty, vicious, and libelous attack on the Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party, Honourable Philip Brave Davis, posted on social media on Tuesday, 16 February, 2021, is further evidence of a desperate Minnis led Free National Movement. This failed government refuses to run on its record. While Bahamians continue to suffer and struggle to […]