Ready to Serve: PLP Ratifies John H. W. Pinder II for South Abaco, The PLP Slate is Ready; The Country is Ready for Change

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The Progressive Liberal Party has ratified John H.W. Pinder II as candidate for South Abaco.

With his ratification, the PLP’s slate of candidates is officially ready to compete in the upcoming general election.

Pinder, an Abaco native and a direct descendant of Hope Town’s first settlers, joins a diverse and exciting group of candidates, who will bring expertise and determination to the urgent task of creating real change in The Bahamas.

“Bahamians are looking for change and value fresh perspectives,” said Philip Brave Davis, party leader and Leader of The Opposition. “A substantial majority of our candidates are new to frontline politics – but they all care passionately about our country and have put themselves forward to make a difference.”  

“They may be new to politics, but they were ratified because of their achievements in other fields. We were looking for strong leaders capable of rolling up their sleeves and making a difference on day one.”

“John H.W. Pinder II is a perfect example. An Abaco native, he’s an Estate Manager and Realtor who lost his home in Hurricane Dorian and was living in a tent with his young family. He chose to stay in Abaco to help with recovery and rebuilding. He has helped to organize aid distribution, solicit food donations that fed hundreds of Dorian survivors, and coordinated NGOs and other projects for rebuilding. John is a man who solves problems instead of running from them. We know he will play a critical leadership role in rebuilding Abaco.”

Pinder joins more than two dozen political newcomers to the PLP, a group that includes community activists, engineers, entrepreneurs, coaches, labour leaders and business managers. 

“We have such a dynamic group of newcomers, who each bring important talents to the table. I see so many different strengths in our slate. Our new candidates will join a team that features the intellect of candidates like Alfred Sears, the fierce nationalism of Glenys Hanna-Martin, the entrepreneurial expertise of Chester Cooper…I could go on and on. We just move from strength to strength.”

“I know Bahamians see with the current FNM crowd the very real dangers of incompetence in governance. Having the wrong people in charge over the last few years has really hurt the country and set us back. Our problems got worse, not better. They tried to excuse the Oban scandal as a ‘rookie mistake’. They think they can justify a deal for an oil refinery characterized by secrecy and blundering with an excuse like ‘rookie mistake’?  What about raising VAT while cutting taxes for the wealthy? Was that a ‘rookie mistake’, too? They were warned that raising VAT would slow economic growth and hurt Bahamian businesses and families. But they did it anyway. It was incompetent and it was wrong. What about buying the Grand Lucayan, which Bahamian taxpayers have been forced to pour more than $200 million into so far?  What about the over-reliance on business-killing lockdowns and the failure to offer free COVID testing, mistakes they’re still making 17 months into the pandemic?  Not only do they make mistake after mistake, they never learn from them, either.”

“It’s time to turn the page, so we can move forward as a country, and tackle our most serious problems. We’ve put forward an Economic Plan to create a more dynamic, more diversified, and more inclusive economy, and we have the team to pull it off.”

“Now we just want the PM to ring the bell so we can get to work.”

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