On the passing of George McKinney

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Hon. Philip Davis, Q.C., M.P.
Prime Minister
Commonwealth of The Bahamas

Another great Bahamian and close family friend in the name of George McKinney has gone home to receive his just and eternal reward.

Born in 1919, Mr. McMinney was special in that he succeeded in business at a time in our country when the odds of success were extraordinarily stacked against Bahamians of African descent.

In this sense, Mr. Mckinney’s life story was inextricably linked to the Bahamian story. With self confidence, faith, perseverance and the din of hard work, the possibilities are endless. George McKinney was the personification of the Bahamian story.

Born into humble beginnings and with limited education and training at the level of the Dundas vocational school for hospitality and domestic services, Mr. McKinney started at the bottom in the tourism and domestic services industry, saved his money, and in partnership with his brother Charles McKinney, they established High Noon Restautant and Bar in the iconic community of Rolle Avenue. In time he would became arguably one of the more resourceful, successful and accomplished businessmen of his generation, building a successful conglamorate through investments in several local industries.

On a very a personal note, the McKinney and Davis families enjoyed a very special and personal relationship for many years. My dad worked with the McKinney brothers part time to assist in supporting his large family and from time to time, Mr. McKinney would assist in paying my tuition at Saint John’s College. Such was his philanthropy and his generosity knew no bounds.

He immersed himself in the progressive movement during those formative years in the March towards Majority Rule, giving of his financial and other material resources to the Opposition Progressive Liberal Party.

For his selfless and unwavering support of the work, message and policies of the PLP, he was awarded the party’s highest honour – that of Stalwart Councillor.

Mr. McKinney was well known and widely revered as much for his sponsorship of and support for fledging entrepreneurs as he was for his philanthropic spirit. He assisted and empowered many because he loved The Bahamas and wanted Bahamians to succeed – giving back to his beloved country as liberally as The Bahamas gave to him.

I thank him for his service to the Progressive Liberal Party  and to our country. A centenarian, The Bahamas benefitted immeasurably from the gratuitous contributions of George McKinney over many decades.

On behalf of my wife, Ann Marie, Deputy Leader I. Chester Cooper and Mrs. Cooper, National Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell, officers and members of the Progressive Liberal Party, I extend condolences to the family of George McKinney on his passing.

May he rest in peace.