On The Death of Terence Bethel

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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

I regret to confirm the death and passing of our friend and brother PLP National Vice Chairman Terence Bethel. This is stunning, shattering and sad.

He was a pillar of strength to the PLP. One day I had hoped he would have the opportunity to serve in the front line. He was full of energy and ideas and loved to teach the young the ways of the country and the party.

Sadly we have lost another repository of our country and party’s history and traditions.

I trusted him implicitly. He was the go to man for me personal, business and official. A sharp mind.

He was with me in the formation of PDF, when we delivered the state of the judiciary under the fig tree, when we burned the constitution, when we formed the National Heroes Day Committee, when we formed the Men’s Branch of the PLP. What a list of accomplishments.

His dad Carl, the great voice of ZNS, was my colleague at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas. His maternal grandmother lived a stone’s throw away from my family in the Valley.

It pains us all to recite these words but in your honour we must: on behalf of the Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party, the Hon. Philip Brave Davis and Mrs. Davis, our Deputy Leader Chester Cooper, our entire parliamentary team and officers and supporters and from me personally, we express our heartfelt condolences as we say “go with God “.

We miss you.
Rest in peace
30th December 2020