On Disconnections of Power and Water Shortages In Eleuthera

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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

The press report that tens of thousands of customers are to have their electricity disconnected by the Bahamas Power And Light Company for non payment is astounding. Not only does this announcement portray this government as blind, deaf and dumb to human suffering, it is clear that this FNM crew live in an alternative universe.

How could they in good conscience with the following facts before them countenance and justify such actions by a public corporation: covid is rampant; unemployment is at record levels – near 50 per cent; children are at home who can’t go to school with many attending school on the government’s virtual platform; money is in short supply; NIB assistance has been reduced; and the little food that people get must be protected from being spoiled.

It is a similarly sad case in Eleuthera where people have been without water for the week. There is no explanation from the Government in the midst of this pandemic emergency and there seems to be no action on the part of the government to restore the water supply.

Shame on them.

Cease the mass disconnections of power and properly subsidize the provision of power.

Restore water to Eleuthera now – not next week.