In response to the FNM Chairman’s attack on the PLP Chairman

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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

Look here Carl Culmer, stop being a fool for Hubert Minnis. Stop trying to make the story about Mitchell. You have the wrong ‘M’ arrested. The pandemic mess in The Bahamas: It’s Minnis’ Fault; not Mitchell’s Fault.

This is not about morality Carl Culmer, but about legality. The Chairman of the PLP is lawfully in The Bahamas. All rules were followed – tested three times within the last two weeks, including before traveling to Grand Bahama and Nassau. All the rest from Carl Culmer is bull.

But if you want to talk morality, explain how the cheating, lying, tiefing FNM can open their mouths to talk about morality. Go sit yourself down.

Since Mr. Culmer has so much to say, perhaps he can explain why the Prime Minister traveled from Nassau to Grand Bahama and Abaco this past weekend, returned to Nassau and was in the House on Wednesday. What happened to the 14 day quarantine rule that Mr. Culmer so eloquently and passionately defended in his statement?

Does the quarantine rule not apply to the Prime Minister?

Is he claiming privilege?

Why are Parliamentarians restricted under the guise of COVID-19 from visiting their family island constituencies when the Prime Minister moves around the country freely?

Mr. Culmer is advised that the issue is the FNM who not only makes up the rules as they go, but from their unexplained behavior, there is always one set of rules for them and another set of rules for everybody else.

Additionally, the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 initiatives have all failed. People are afraid to go to the hospital in Grand Bahama and New Providence. Testing has come to a full halt with less than 16,000 people tested to date.

Why is that?

Further, The Bahamas is performing worse than almost every other country in the region because of this government’s failures.

Sadly, these are the unvarnished facts under Dr. Hubert Minnis who is a medical doctor. Every initiative has failed.

As the PLP encourages Bahamians to save themselves and protect themselves, we urge Mr. Culmer and the FNM to give politics a rest and focus on saving and protecting the Bahamian people from the outbreak they have failed to control.

Until then FNM Chairman, shut up and l thank you to keep my name out of your mouth.