In response to Rights Bahamas statement

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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

Just over a week ago, the Leader of the PLP highlighted the desperate attempts by the FNM and their proxy organisations to spread lies, smears and false rumours about the PLP. As he said then, we say again today: it’s all ‘Garbage Juice’.

The latest stunt comes from a phony Human Rights Group based in Grand Bahama.

After weeks trying to deflect attention from the corruption, incompetence and lack of compassion by this FNM government using the Nygard case, this “group” now purports to be trying to support the victims in that case. And yet, somehow, once again, they manage to try to drag the PLP into it.

But Bahamians know better. They already know when the ‘Garbage Juice’ is coming.

Lanisha Rolle forced to resign over serious allegations of corruption? Time for more Garbage Juice.

Vaccines and other promised Covid-relief still not arrived? Time for more Garbage Juice.

Prime Minister Minnis openly derided for a mid-year budget review that tried to pretend all is well while Bahamians go hungry and sleep in their cars? Time for more Garbage Juice.

While the FNM and their phony friends bury their testicular heads in this nonsense, the Bahamian people continue to cry out for some compassionate relief.

If this fake group were genuinely concerned for the plight of the victims in that case, they would stop weaponising them in their desperate effort to keep this failing government in power. These women deserve better. We continue to pray that they receive justice.

For public information, only the Leader and Chairman of the PLP are duly authorized to officially speak on behalf of the Progressive Liberal Party.

This phony organization in Grand Bahama parading around as a human rights organization is using anonymous, nameless, faceless social media diatribe to attack the PLP on behalf of the FNM to deflect from the implosion of the FNM. 

We can see their dishonesty and traitorous behaviour from a mile down the road.