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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

This past week, for nothing more than a shameless public relations exercise, this uncaring FNM government by way of its Managing Director of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority, made headlines telling us what we all knew over a year and a half ago.

There is a severe housing shortage on Abaco.

The people of Abaco have been forced to suffer loads of empty promises from Prime Minister Minnis since the deadly and devastating blow of Hurricane Dorian.

While the Managing Director of the Disaster Recovery Authority handpicked by Dr. Minnis boasts of earning a salary that doubles the amount of cabinet ministers, thousands of Abaco residents remain displaced and uncertain of any real recovery or meaningful support from this heartless FNM government.

The reconstruction efforts have been disorganized and Dr. Minnis and his band of inept parliamentarians have yet to present the Bahamian people with a detailed account of where all the millions of dollars have gone that were allocated for Abaco’s recovery.

The Disaster Recovery Authority claims well over 3,000 homes are needed to properly house the residents of Abaco and Grand Bahama. The Bahamian people are fed up with hopeless assessments. There is an ongoing outcry for action.

Clearly this FNM government is incapable of managing the challenges being faced in Abaco and worse, they outright do not care. Prior to Dorian with a PLP government, Abaco had arguably become the fastest growing economy in the Bahamas.

The FNM has failed the people of Abaco.

We commend the people of Abaco for their indomitable spirit and assure them that under a Philip Brave Davis led government, a more caring and competent approach will guide Abaco’s recovery.

During the 2017 general elections, the people of Abaco gave Dr. Minnis and the FNM both seats. Today, the FNM has rewarded them with misery and gross mismanagement. Abaco deserves better.

Dr. Minnis and the FNM must go.