The budget communication presented by the prime minister today demonstrates that the Minnis administration is living in an alternate reality. This administration is clearly not equipped to provide the country with a path out of our crisis. After our consistent advice, we had hoped that this budget communication would have begun the conversation on the […]


We note the Minnis administration’s release of the estimates on the performance of the economy in 2020. The release of such important data heading into a holiday weekend is telling. But there is no getting around how serious this situation is. A GDP contraction by 25 percent in nominal terms, and nearly 15 percent in […]

Minnis’s Repeated Failures Lead to More COVID Cases and More Lockdowns, Hurting Bahamian Families and Hurting Our Economy | Davis Sponsors Free COVID Testing

This evening, the Prime Minister announced that Cat Island and North and Central Andros will be placed under a 14-day lockdown. These restrictions, which prohibit all in-person activities, including burials, will cause great hardship to the Bahamians living on these islands. The lockdowns are a response to outbreaks that began earlier this month – outbreaks […]

The Competent Authority is Not Competent

Another Sunday, another 5pm National Address by a Competent Authority who has lost the trust of the Bahamian people. Seventeen months into COVID, the Prime Minister and Competent Authority of One keeps making the same mistakes, including: The government is failing to test enough to keep pace with COVID outbreaks, relying too heavily instead on […]

On the Air navigation services agreement

The PLP thanks the Christie administration for its vision, leadership, tenacity and hard work over many years that produced this landmark agreement for the management of our Sovereign airspace. We specifically recognize the work of former Aviation and Transport Minister, Glenys Hanna-Martin, who led and had superintendence of this important policy initiative resulting in the signing of the agreement Bahamian management of Bahamian Sovereign airspace.

On The Deputy Speaker’s assault on M.P.s Davis and Hanna Martin

The Deputy Speaker, Donald Saunders, is condemned for losing his cool and contrary to normal Parliamentary practice, excluding the Leader of the Opposition and the MP for Englerston from the House. This was a breach of their parliamentary privilege. All the Prime Minister’s men and women seem to have consumed the Kool Aid filled with […]

On the passing of Dr. John Lunn

Today, I join clinicians, health care professionals and the medical community in mourning the passing of a giant in the health care profession and industry, a colleague, and a physician’s physician in the name of Dr. John Lunn. With the blessing of long life, Dr. Lunn, an Internist and Oncologist, spent most of his adult […]

Unsafe school bus system places our children at risk

Notwithstanding the Leader of the Opposition speaking to the Minister of Education to point out that the government withdrew contracts on a partisan political basis and awarded the bus contracts to people with no buses, nothing was done to protect the children and ensure that they got safely to and from school. Today, concerned parents […]