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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

While not surprising, it is very disappointing that Prime Minister Minnis continues to duck any and every opportunity to answer the tough questions about his FNM government’s record and performance over these past four years.

The PLP has agreed in principle with the debates organizer, University of The Bahamas.

We have confirmed and are moving ahead with the youth debate scheduled for 4th May on the campus of the University of The Bahamas.

Further, the PLP is in ongoing discussions with the University of The Bahamas on the details on structure and format for the future debates.

The Prime Minister should unequivocally agree to a no-conditions debate with the Leader of the Opposition. He should not be setting preconditions and negotiating changes in public.

The PLP believes the debate is necessary and the modalities can be settled in camera with the university.

This is important because as the next general elections approaches, the Bahamian people are looking forward to such a debate that will provide a national platform that will not only put the last four years in context, but provide an articulated policy and legislative blueprint for the country’s future.

In our view, such a debate is good for our country’s democracy; it will demonstrate measurable political maturity while allowing Bahamian electors to make informed decisions about their future.

We call on the over confident Prime Minister who recently predicted his party, the FNM, will win all 39 seats in the upcoming General Elections, to BE BRAVE and defend his record and stewardship.

To date and alas, the Prime Minister continues to duck and dodge questions from the Opposition in the House of Assembly. It is a parliamentary duty and obligation Dr. Minnis has blatantly avoided.

As Official Opposition Leader, Philip Davis is calling on Dr. Minnis to demonstrate the transparency he so convincingly promised during the 2017 general elections campaign, but Dr. Minnis continues to take advice from his highly paid public relations and marketing handlers to duck Mr. Davis and the burning questions from the people of the Bahamas.

Dr. Minnis has failed the Bahamian people.

He cannot defend his gross mismanagement of the Hurricane Dorian recovery exercise. Thousands of Abaco and Grand Bahama residents remain homeless, jobless, and hopelessly waiting for Dr. Minnis and this lousy FNM government to act.