On Hurricane Elsa

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Sen. Fred Mitchell
Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

Elsa, the first Hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic season, has the state of Florida in its path under the current trajectory model. Given our proximity, Bahamians are strongly advised to regard Elsa as a dangerous storm and to take the threat of Elsa very seriously.

As this storm’s trajectory can change without notice, Bahamians are advised to take every safety precaution to protect life and personal property. Pay close attention to and follow all official weather warnings and advisories. As flooding, downed energized power lines and fallen trees are major public safety and health hazards, motorists and pedestrians are advised to traverse the streets only when it is absolutely necessary. Please stay indoors as much as practically possible.

Further, the government should keep a watchful eye on opportunistic and unscrupulous businesses that would use the unfortunate circumstance of a hurricane to gouge and fleece the Bahamian public.

The Price Control Commission and its agents should be very visible in stores in the coming days to protect the public’s interest.