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Easter Message 2020

My Fellow Bahamians. Easter, which is the heart of the Christian faith that celebrates the triumph of life over death, acquires a peculiar meaning and

On High COVID 19 Mortality Rate

Senator Dr Michael DarvilleOpposition Spokesman on HealthCOVID-19 Task Force Co-Chair FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAPRIL 8TH, 2020 We listened with great interest to the latest COVID19 update

On the passing of Dr. Judson Eneas

Hon. Philip Brave Davis, Q.C., M.P., – Cat Island, Rum Cay & San SalvadorLeader of The Opposition Statement of Condolences  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 5th April

On the death of Kim Johnson-Rolle

Statement by Dr. Michael Darville FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE1st April 2020 On behalf of the Opposition, I extend heartfelt condolences to my Parliamentary colleague, Elsworth Johnson,

On death of suspected COVID-19 patient

Senator Michael Darville, COVID-19 Task Force Co-Chair Opposition spokesman on Health FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE31st March 2020 The PLP is saddened by the passing of the


PLP SENATOR CLAY SWEETING BEGS THE GOVERNMENT: “PLEASE TURN THE WATER ON!” Earlier today, PLP Senator Clay Sweeting issued an urgent plea to the government