Merchant Shipping Bill Contribution | Hon. JoBeth Coleby-Davis

The new Merchant Shipping Bill, (“the Bill”) seeks to continue to provide for:

• the registration of Bahamian ships;
• the propriety interests in ships
• the training, certification, and watchkeeping relating to seafarers,
• the conditions of employment of seafarers and the health and well-being of seafarers on board a ship;
• the prevention of collisions and the safety of navigation;
• the safety of cargoes including transhipment activities;
• the prevention of pollution;
• maritime safety and security;
• the liability of ship owners; and
• Investigations into marine casualties.

Further the Bill retains and updates the requirements for the regulation and development of Merchant Shipping and related services. The provisions of the Limitation of Liability Act will be incorporated into this new Bill. Accordingly, the new Bill will bring together Acts of Parliament in a single, comprehensive Act which embraces the subject matter of the enactments.

AN UPDATE ON COVID-19 IN THE BAHAMAS | Hon. Dr. Micheal R. Darville

After having dominated our lives for almost two years, there is no question that Bahamians everywhere are growing weary in the battle against COVID-19 and are looking forward to bigger and better prospects and achievements from this new day government. They can rest assured that we all are working hard and steadily heading in the right direction. However, when we think we are done with the COVID 19 pandemic, new mutated variants pop up proving that the pandemic is not done with us.