On oil drilling comments by Desmond Bannister on a recent talkshow

The recent comments by Works Minister Bannister on oil drilling during a talkshow guest appearance were duplicitous, disgraceful and intellectually dishonest because like his boss, he sought to repudiate, flip flop on and deflect from the policy position of the FNM Cabinet. The FNM government cannot get away with blaming the Opposition for their actions. […]

PLP Recommends Government Act Quickly to Protect The Bahamas from a Third COVID Wave

The PLP COVID-19 Task Force has been closely monitoring developments regarding a highly contagious mutation of the SARS 2 coronavirus first identified in the United Kingdom. A UK group called NERVTAG, which studies emerging viral threats, has advised that this version of the virus, the B.1.1.7 variant, is substantially more transmissible than other strains already […]