The Pre Budget Communication Statement

We face twin crises that are global in scope, and unprecedented in terms of reach. There can be no going back to the way things were before. We will have a new and different future. And what each country must decide is: what kind of future will we build? The two crises, of course, are […]

On the persecution of the poor & homeless during COVID 19

Sen. Jobeth Coleby-DavisOpposition Spokesperson on Legal Affairs and Shadow Attorney General¬† I am here with colleagues and friends of justice to present a simple case to the court of public opinion. Each day we find a litany of stories about people, mainly people from working class social and economic  backgrounds; senior citizens and young people  […]

In response to the recent curfew convictions

Statement from Justin Smith¬†Aspirant Candidate for Public Office I, as many other young Bahamians, read in amazement an article circulating in the Tribune, 19 May  2020, which spoke to an 18-year old teenager being fined $700 by a magistrate for operating his coconut selling business in violations of the curfew and emergency powers.  We all […]